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Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Case Versace, we are committed to customer satisfaction while creating a unique, high quality Case Versace iPhone case. Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions for your reference. If this didn't answer your question please contact us and we'll due our best to respond within 24-48 hours. 

How long does it take to hand make my Case Versace ?

Currently we require up to 3 days due to the overwhelming worldwide response we've received. We are committed to hand made quality and will do our best to ship your order as soon as possible.

Are Case Versace cases protective?

Actually yes, we've designed our cases to be very protective however, we do not claim to be a "rugged" type of case. They are hand made and need to be treated as such. Like you would nice jewelry. 

Do you make Case Versace for iPad?

No, not yet. Maybe in our future we will consider.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we currently ship to Europe, United Kingdom, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Russia and other countries at a flat international shipping rate of $14.00 US. All prices shown are in US dollars. 

How long does it take to get my case?

Currently, it takes approx. 3-6 days (U.S. only) from order to delivery. However, once your new Case versace case is made, shipping in the U.S. takes 2-3 days. Canada shipping takes about 10-14 days and shipping to all other countries takes from 14-18 days.

Do you notify me when my order ships?

Yes, you will receive an email shipping confirmation that includes a tracking number and link to track your package. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE an order confirmation email, check your SPAM folder first. If its not in there then your order didn't process successfully OR you entered the wrong email. Just contact us and we'll help.

What postage service does Case Versace use?

We use all packages using USPS (United State Postal Service) for domestic AND international we use DHL Global Mail.

How do I keep the studs looking shiny?

Keep your case versace case away from sun, heat and moisture. Constant exposure to these elements will cause the gold/silver stud finish to wear off faster than normal wear. When holding your case, try to avoid extended contact with the palm of your hand over the studs. Also, when you set your iPhone down, place your case versace case "studs up" to avoid scratching your studs. Following these precautions will preserve the finish and keep your case looking better. Please check out our case versace for more information.